Value-Based Health Care

Value-based health care (VBHC) promotes “cultures of health” by making health care more accessible and teaching members how to pursue healthier lifestyles, mitigate their medical risks, and manage any chronic conditions they may have. VBHC differs from traditional health care approaches, which incentivize doctors to provide treatment, which disenfranchises patients and drives up costs. Instead, VBHC incentivizes patient wellness, encouraging consumers to proactively value health, not just health care.

US Med works with plan sponsors, participants, and providers to create a health care program that provides high-quality care while minimizing health care expenditures. VBHC creates medical value for your money. It combines management of health care funds with improvements in care, ensuring that all money spent actually contributes to workforce health.

use of big data

If U.S. healthcare used big data creatively to drive efficiency and quality, healthcare expenditures would decrease by 8% or more than $300 billion.

VBHC empowers people to make better decisions about their health, and it empowers employers to have better forecasting and control of their spending while still providing the best care to their employees.

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